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The Laboratory

The Laboratory

By November 2, 2022December 5th, 2022No Comments

I created The Laboratory to circumvent creative ‘stuckness’ and the potentially traumatic and limiting effects of some techniques actors use such as Method, Chubbuck, and the misinterpretation of Stanislavsky’s affective memory. My goal is to liberate and restore the actor’s psychological power encouraging creative safety in and out of transformation. The focus is directed at individual artistic freedom and craft-based mastery.

The Laboratory integrates the concept of the ‘true actor’ within, and draws on cognitive science and the purity of the imagination to bust limiting beliefs and break boundaries safely. This is actor training that interrogates the intimate and often evasive process of the actor’s transformation into character. The Laboratory is hosted by The Melbourne Actors’ Guild in St Kilda, Melbourne. It is a bi-yearly event, happening twice a year in winter and summer. Get in touch now for more information.

The training I completed with Suzie has transformed my acting forever. Not only does she teach you how to harness your presence and link your physicality with your creative centre, she helps you find your uniqueness - and develops it.


The Laboratory is a super exciting learning environment for actor’s to play and experiment with Suzie’s invaluable knowledge and energy that is so freely shared. Highly recommend.


Part of our journey included finding our relationship with the character, and letting the character co-exist with you. This is a complex and beautiful journey, and Suzie brings just the right mix of academia, experience, research, and empirical teachings to deliver a highly unique and valuable course for actors.


I'm excited to have new tools in my arsenal for future developments of character and not rely on my personal defaults in performance.