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Elizabeth Taylor is my mother. La Mama Theatre Season open now!

By March 19, 2015December 5th, 2022No Comments

Born Unnamed, adopted by a family in the Australian bush, meet Cleopatra Velvet Rosemond Taylor-Burton, love child of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, 1973. Incarcerated for murder, due for release without conviction if she can prove temporary insanity, Cleopatra-Velvet

tells of growing up in the adopted family, where life was less than glamorous for the bastard child of a Hollywood star. She candidly discusses life, the Taylor-Burton adoption conspiracy, her famous mother’s inherited demons, hurtling on a rollercoaster seat, downwards to the hiding place of a fat, ugly, Joan Rivers-style truth.

A hideously beautiful story of courage and resilience, this exciting new theatre work is a physically dynamic, profoundly raw, gritty look at what influences surround us, and what our upbringing can sometimes force us to become.

This premiere season at La Mama Theatre is the scandalous, real-life expose of the year.


From now until March 29th, 2015 only.